Kristal: Hi Everyone! My name is Kristal Hier and I am one of the Co-Presidents for VTRID.

Lindsey: Hi Everyone! My name is Lindsey Bixler, and I am the other Co-President for VTRID.

Lisa: Hi Everyone! My name is Lisa Bixler, and I am the Secretary for VTRID. We have one more member that could not be here today, Marie Greenia, our Treasurer. The four of us represent the VTRID Board.

Kristal: As part of our website update, we uploaded this video is to make information accessible to all of our Deaf and Hearing viewers. Other information on our webpage will also be offered in both ASL and English text.

Lindsey: Don’t forget to check out our Vermont RID Facebook page, too!

Lisa: Our webpage hosts a variety of information, including events, resource lists, contact information and meeting dates. This information will be continually updated.

Kristal: If you are interested in the field of interpreting or curious about what VTRID has to offer, please feel free to peruse our website or contact any one of us. The email addresses for the president (Kristal Hier or Lindsey Bixler), Secretary (Lisa Bixler) or Treasurer (Marie Greenia) are located on our website.

All 3: Thanks so much, everyone!