Haptics Mapping

Back by popular demand, Rene Pellerin and Rachel Boll teach Haptics mapping, a way to continue to include DeafBlind community members in the happenings around them.  Tactile techniques will be demonstrated and practiced.  Please hold May 3rd 9am to 2pm(at the Brattleboro Retreat) and then join the caravan of vehicles to near by Austine School for the Vermont Interpreter Referral Service/Yolande Henry Community Fund annual extravaganza(3pm)!

This training is in ASL and is intended for Deaf and hearing interpreters, SSPs, and Deaf community members wanting to continue to include their DeafBlind friends in all that happens.

Spread the word far and wide.  Details will follow(Austine offering $25/person overnight lodging, workshop fee will be kept low, CEUs will be offered)  Those interested can contact joanpellerin@hotmail.com so a list of participants can be developed soon.