VTRID Bylaws

Vermont Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf: Bylaws June 2007 (Amended September 2011) (Amended March 2019) 

Article 1 – Name The name of this organization shall be Vermont Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (VTRID) 

Article II – Purposes Section I: The purpose of this organization shall be: a. To promote Deaf awareness; b. To promote the development of qualified interpreters; c. To increase consumer knowledge of the interpreter’s role and services; d. To support interpreters in achieving and maintaining national certification; e. To provide workshops, training, and mentorship for interpreters; f. To protect the rights of interpreters and clients; g. To be involved in legislation concerning interpreters and the Deaf community; h. To act as a resource regarding interpreting; i. To promote the RID Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) for interpreters and transliterators. 

Section II: Affiliations This organization shall be non-profit and non-political. No activities shall be undertaken for the individual profit of any of its officers and /or members; and no alliance, financial or otherwise shall be made with any political party or any candidate for political office. 

Article III – Membership Section I: Eligibility Membership shall be available to any person who has an interest in and who supports the general purposes of VTRID. No persons shall be denied membership on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, disability or sexual preference. 

Section II: Dues Membership fees may be considered and set by the membership. Payment is due by the first day of July. Membership cycle follows the Fiscal Year (July 1-June 30) 

Section III: Categories This organization shall have the following categories of membership: 

Voting Members 

a. Certified members: Any American Sign Language-English Interpreter currently holding a valid certificate from, and is in good standing with RID, Inc. 

b. Associate members: Any individual who is actively engaged in the interpretation or transliteration of ASL and/or English and who is not currently certified by RID and is a member in good standing of RID, Inc. 

Non-voting Members 

c. Supporting members: Any individual or organization with an interest in supporting the purposes and activities of VTRID and does not meet eligibility under Categories A or B. 

Section IV: Member Voting Rights Each Certified member of this organization shall be entitled to one vote in meetings, referenda, and elections. Each Associate member shall be entitled to one vote in meetings, referenda, and elections with the exception of referenda pertaining to evaluations, certification and/or /standards/ethics. 

Article IV – Positions & Terms Section I – Elected Positions The Executive Committee of VTRID shall consist of: President or Co-Presidents, a Vice President/Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom are Certified or Associate members of RID, Inc. The Executive Committee of VTRID shall report to RID, Inc as required by the national RID office. 

In addition to the Executive Committee, VTRID may also incorporate the following positions: Honorary VTAD Liaison and 2 Members-At-Large (MAL). 

Position descriptions are set forth below: 

a. President or Co-Presidents 

This position shall be to preside over meetings, to administer and enforce the bylaws, to appoint chair people of Standing Committees as set forth elsewhere in these bylaws. This position shall be a communication link between committees and the general membership. This position shall maintain files for the organization to be passed onto an incoming president. 

b. The Vice President/Secretary 

This position shall serve as assistant to the President, shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, shall transcribe the minutes of each meeting, shall carry on the general correspondence of the chapter, shall be custodian of the records, shall issue notice of meetings to the membership, and shall present minutes of the previous meeting to all members before the next meeting. 

c. Treasurer This position shall have the custody of and be responsible for all funds, shall receive and give receipts for money due and payable to the organization, shall deposit all money in the bank in the name of the organization, shall prepare financial statements prior to the regular meetings, and present same to membership at the meetings. The Treasurer shall also maintain files for the organization to be passed on to incoming treasurer. 

d. Honorary VTAD Liaison (Appointed by VTAD) 

This position shall give insight and feedback on how VTRID can best serve the Deaf community, and provide a link between VTAD & VTRID. 

e. Members At-Large (MAL) 

These positions shall serve as Representatives of VTRID. Members-At-Large shall be liaisons between the general membership and the Executive Committee by taking the pulse of members in their catchment area and sharing information/concerns. 

Section II – Terms 

a. The term for all positions shall be for two years. Terms begin at the start of the Fiscal Year (July 1st). Executive Committee and Members-At-Large will serve staggered terms; Executive Committee will be elected on odd years, while MALs will be elected on even years. 

b. VTRID Members are permitted to serve two consecutive terms (total of four years). Members may also serve more terms consecutively if the membership approves, by show of vote. 

Section IX – Position Vacancies In the event of a vacancy, except for the office of the President, a successor shall be elected to serve the remainder of the term by majority of the membership present at the next meeting. The Vice President/Secretary shall assume the office of the President if a vacancy occurs. 

Article V— Elections and Special Votes Section I – Procedure Nominations of positions shall be solicited in May/June. Candidates’ names and corresponding positions sought will be announced at least 14 days prior to electronic voting link being sent out. Election of positions shall be carried out electronically through a secure website, by the end of the Fiscal Year (June 30th). The membership shall consider the nominations and shall vote for the person of their choice for each position. A simple majority for each position shall constitute election. 

Section II – Special Votes Electronic voting may also be used in the case of special votes as deemed by the Executive Committee of VTRID. 

Section III: Responsible Parties The current Executive Committee shall be responsible for arranging all aspects of the elections and special votes. 

Article VI—Committees Ad Hoc committees shall be established by membership, as needed. 

Article VII—Meetings Section I – Schedule VTRID shall meet quarterly. 

Section II – Purpose The purpose of the business meetings shall be to stimulate the membership towards the objectives and purposes of VTRID as set forth in Article II of these bylaws and to conduct business of the organization. 

Section III – Language of Use VTRID meetings shall be conducted in American Sign Language (ASL). 

Article VIII – Rules of Order The organization shall follow a process to arrive at consensus and/but will also take a vote when the group deems it necessary/appropriate. 

Article IX – Amendments These bylaws may be amended upon electronic vote of two-thirds of the membership. Amendments, additions, or deletions must be submitted to the membership 30 days prior to the electronic vote. 

Article X – Fiscal Year The fiscal year of VTRID shall begin on the 1st day of July and end on the 30th day of June each year. 

Article XI – Dissolution 

Section I: Notification Should VTRID be dissolved, for any reason whatsoever, notice of dissolution will be given to membership at least 30 days prior to a business meeting. 

Section II: Finances Any balance remaining in the treasury, and/or any other assets in its possession, shall be turned over to another organization whose main objectives and purposes are to encourage and promote Deaf awareness and interpreting services. The decision as to which organization shall be the recipient of the money and/or assets shall be made by membership via electronic vote.