October President Vlog

Hello VtRiD members!
ASL: https://youtu.be/RgqbT6lLWZs
I wanted to share some news with you.
First, we have a new RID Region 1 Representative.  His name is Jason Farr. from NYC area.  He has jumped into the Region 1 Representative position quickly and is handling the responsibilities well.
Next, a reminder that the RID Regiion 1 Conference is happening in Brooklyn, NY during July 6 – 9, 2020.  
Locally, the VtRID board has met already in October.  We set the date for the upcoming general meeting in December.  It is at 130p on December 14, 2019 in Essex, Vermont.  This is the same day and location as the VtAD holiday party.  Similar to what has happened in the past, VtRID members will have the dual benefit of attending the VtAD holiday party and the VtRID general meeting at the same time.
There are several upcoming events in November.
Saturday, November 2 — Bowling at Spare Time Lanes, starting at 1p, in Colchester, Vermont.  This is hosted by Brandon Daigenault.
Saturday, November 9 — Annual thanksgiving dinner, starting at 11a, in Bellows Falls, Vermont.  This is hosted by Brattleboro Deaf Club.
Saturday, November 23 — Community Paint Party, starting at 1p, in Montpelier, Vermont.  This is hosted by me.
During the recent VtRID general meeting in September, the members who attended voted to bring the discussion of the proposed Bylaws change to all VtRID members.  The Bylaws proposed change is related to when board members start their terms and when nominations and elections for board positions occur.  More information on the Bylaws proposal will be in a separate video message.
The March 2020 general meeting will happen online either via zoom or gotomeeting.  The VtRID board has not decided which platform to use.  Also, the date of the meeting will be announced by the December 2019 general meeting.
The June 2020 general meeting will happen during the annual VtRID Deaf Community Day BBQ.  The date is June 27, 2020.  Please put that event in your your calendars. 
That’s all for now.   I hope all is well with you.
David Krueger, CDI, CLIP-R

Community Paint Party

Hello Deaf Community and Interpreters!
ASL: https://youtu.be/t5acBtyYHmo
I am excited to announce that Lisa Gonzalez, a Chicago Deaf Artist, will be coming to Montpelier on Saturday November 23, 2019 for a Community Paint Party!   She will be teaching us — Vermont Deaf Community and interpreters — how to paint a lovely ASL painting that includes iconic Vermont images!  This is a fun event for both Deaf Community and interpreters to enjoy together.  
Cost:      Deaf Community –> $30   Interpreters –> $50
Interpreters can earn 0.4 CEUs in General Studies at the “little” content level.  The event flyer (in PDF) is attached to this message.  The language for this event is ASL with no English interpretation.
The Community Paint Party event is from 1p to 5p.  It is at the Center for Arts and Learning in Montpelier, Vermont.
Profits from this event will be go to VtAD and VtRID.
The link for registration is here –>  https://forms.gle/xaxHMNCpEtVag9G5A
Payment for registration fee will go to VtRID, the fiscal agent for this event.  You have three payment choices: Paypal, Venmo, or money order.  Email ridnvt@gmail.com with your chosen payment method for processing instructions.
Thank you for registering!
If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email or text message.
David Krueger, Community Paint Party host

President Vlog Sept

Hello VtRID members! 
ASL version: https://youtu.be/R4NhkQpUtuo
VtRID general meeting is on Saturday September 21 at 1p/130p.  It is at the sandbar state park in Milton.  
I will also have a food truck party taking place at the same time from 11a to 3p.  So you can bring your family and indulge in the free food.   Beverages are BYOB.  

Another thing, I noticed that in the past, several members have difficulty getting in touch with the VtRID board via email so I wanted to clarify each of the official email address for the five board members.  All of the email addresses start with “vtrid.(position)@gmail.com” (see below) so please update your email address book accordingly.  
President: vtrid.president@gmail.comSecretary: vtrid.secretary@gmail.comTreasurer: vtrid.treasurer@gmail.comNorth MAL: vtrid.northmal@gmail.comSouth MAL: vtrid.southmal@gmail.com
See you at Sandbar state park on Saturday September 21!  
David Krueger, CDI, CLIP-R