Scholarship Information

VTRID gladly support the professional development of the community.  If you would like to apply for scholarship funds please apply below.

Scholarship Committee:
Janet Dickinson (chair), Stephanie Cramer, Barb Walker and Nora Kennedy

All requests from members are granted at 50% of the workshop fee up to $250. The maximum amount VTRID will give for any one member in a 12 month period is $250. Members can request one time during a 12 month period.


After the scholarship committee has approved the funds they will send a reminder to the member to give back to the organization and the community. The committee can send a brief list of suggestions: “Share with a colleague, share with a Deaf consumer, teach a local professional development workshop, join a committee, run for office or volunteer. “ The member does not need to attend a certain number of meetings before being able to request funds or “report back” at a meeting after receiving funds. The scholarship committee shall not be in the position of enforcing the reciprocity guideline.

VTRID will pay the conference registration fee in full for the VTRID President to attend the National RID Conference & Region One Conference. If the president is unable to attend, then one of the other officers shall go to represent VTRID. (If two officers want to go then the amount can be split between the two of them.) This person will attend all of the standard and required meetings and functions on behalf of the president. VTRID will pay for this officer instead of the president. If no other officers are able to attend then the officers will notify the membership and review requests from members to go as the VTRID representative and receive funding.

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