Survey Interest Legal Interpreting


Are you interested in further training and knowledge about interpreting in legal settings?  If so, this survey is your way to start. We looking to expand the number of interpreters interested in working in legal settings in the sate of Vermont.   We are trying to identify what trainings are needed and who may be interested in legal work given the requisite training.  

This survey is open to Deaf, Coda and hearing interpreters who have an interest in legal work.  Please do keep in mind that legal work does not only include court based work.  Legal work includes: Department of Children’s and Families, police based interviews, adoption proceedings, probation and parole, court ordered evaluations and more.

If you are interested please do complete this very brief survey.  This survey will help us figure out how to bridge the gap between qualified interpreters to qualified legal interpreters working in Vermont.

Link to survey:

Deadline to complete this survey is Monday February 25, 2019.

Thank you!
Vermont Legal Interpreting Workgroup

Lisa Bixler
Keri Darling