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President Vlog Sept

Hello VtRID members! 
ASL version: https://youtu.be/R4NhkQpUtuo
VtRID general meeting is on Saturday September 21 at 1p/130p.  It is at the sandbar state park in Milton.  
I will also have a food truck party taking place at the same time from 11a to 3p.  So you can bring your family and indulge in the free food.   Beverages are BYOB.  

Another thing, I noticed that in the past, several members have difficulty getting in touch with the VtRID board via email so I wanted to clarify each of the official email address for the five board members.  All of the email addresses start with “vtrid.(position)@gmail.com” (see below) so please update your email address book accordingly.  
President: vtrid.president@gmail.comSecretary: vtrid.secretary@gmail.comTreasurer: vtrid.treasurer@gmail.comNorth MAL: vtrid.northmal@gmail.comSouth MAL: vtrid.southmal@gmail.com
See you at Sandbar state park on Saturday September 21!  
David Krueger, CDI, CLIP-R